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Scott Colyer Art

Scott is an Arrernte man living in Port Stephens, with cultural ties back on home-country around Alice Springs as well as to the Worimi people and country on the Mid North Coast and the Ngemba people and country of North-Western NSW.

Scott has drawn and painted for most of his life as a form of self and cultural expression, and later as a form of healing. Despite dabbling in many art mediums and often combining for mixed media pieces, Scott is predominately a watercolour artist who captures the feel and spirit of the country he visits and the animals and plants he meets. Scott currently runs a cultural and art business, Living Strong Nature Journaling, where he enjoys sharing knowledge and love of country with others. Helping others to slow down and connect through observation and art is what keeps his passion for art alive.

You can view Scott's artwork below and enquire about commissions and sales by emailing us at

Art Works for Sale

Journaling and illustration